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Selling your mineral rights and royalties is a big decision. These interests could have been in your family for decades, or they could be from a new well being drilled on your farm or ranch. In all circumstances the decision to sell your minerals and royalties should not be made lightly. We want you to be well informed and feel completely comfortable. Our process was designed to be simple, honest, and respectful.

Whether you received a letter in the mail or found us through an internet search, we want to make sure you are given an impartial estimate for your mineral and royalty rights. After contacting us, our team will walk you through the process and outline the requirements for the type of property you own. If you received our letter in the mail, your original bids are generated from public information; however, the information is not always accurate or up-to-date. The check stubs include production information which give us more details and allow us to make the most precise offer for your interests. Therefore, in most cases we will request check stubs before starting your evaluation.

Next, our engineering team will complete a thorough evaluation of the value of your interests. The value is based on the cash flow that we expect the minerals to generate in the future. Estimating cash flow involves assumptions about the location of your interests, when wells may be drilled, production history, current and projected oil and gas prices, the operator including the track record in the specified oil and gas field, and the overall risk.

Once the evaluation is complete, we will contact you to discuss our offer for your mineral rights and royalties and walk you through your options. With the most accurate evaluation in hand, you can make an informed decision regarding the sale of your interest. We want you to be informed and comfortable with your decision to sell. We serve as advisers to answer your questions, but we recognize, ultimately, the choice is yours.

All offers presented by Royalty Clearinghouse are free “no-obligation” offers. Receiving an offer does not obligate you to sell. If you choose to accept the offer, our title team will begin preparing the necessary documents to transfer the title into our name. A detailed closing package will be mailed to you for your review and execution. Upon receipt of your executed documents, we will complete the process by sending your funds. You will be notified as soon as we are able to send the check or the wire.

While the decision to sell your minerals and royalties is a difficult one, we make the process of selling them a simple experience.

For more information visit How We Buy.

Written by Abigail Appleton